Mickey Rourke, Mickey Rourke, Mickey Rourke – The king Hyperion! He would take the soul out of you!

Although Immortals is just the third film directed by Indian born Tarsem Singh, the storyline, and the editing is appreciable with very good effects. Based on the Greek mythology the movie takes you into a mesmerizing fantasy world.

King Hyperion declares war on humanity as his prayers goes unanswered by the Gods and Theseus (Henry Cavill) displays bold heroism to stop Hyperion. At the end, with the help of Epirus Bow, Hyperion invades Phaedra’s temple and releases Titans. Furious by the act the Zeus come to the Earth and fight with the Titans while Theseus fights with Hyperion.

Personal words:-
One realize how similar the Greek, the Roman and the Hindu mythologies are.

My favorite of all the characters:-
King Hyperion. Mickey Rourke is impeccably terrorizing!!